Photo: Alex Unai

On Stage - 18:10

British-Bangladeshi band Khiyo fresh from WOMAD and the launch of their second album Bondona’ on ARC Music 

Khiyo was formed in 2007 as a collaboration between vocalist Sohini Alam and composer Oliver Weeks to explore new ways of presenting traditional Bengali music whilst preserving its essence. The 'Khiyo' is a letter in the Bengali alphabet made up of two sounds and, in many ways, it reflects who they are: creatures of two cultures, two music teachings, two languages. 

Line up 

Sohini Alam , Vocals; Oliver Weeks, Guitar; Hassan Mohyeddin, Tabla and Ben Heartland, Double Bass

'a band who veer extraordinarily from raw folk rock into delicious classical gloom, tender romanticism into 21st Century Baul tradition and several uncategorised points in between' Tim Chipping, Roots