Hillview Peoples' Archive

 … welcome to the holding page for Hillview Peoples' Archive. 

Hillview Peoples' Archive has recently been launched to document and share the estate’s unique story, and to galvanise residents, housing providers, policy makers, academics, artists, and the wider populace in the conversation around the right to a home. 

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to share their experiences, or add to the archive; we welcome photos, film, or any other form of memorabilia relating to life on the Hillview Estate.

We are currently seeking funding to support the collection and cataloguing of materials, and the development of a dedicated website. We are keen to hear from anyone who is interested in the project or who might like to help: you might have tales to share, or materials for documenting; creative ideas; an interest in archiving; experience of fundraising for heritage / cultural projects or just want to find out more.